Arnold Schalks, de Vrije Schuur, Composed Compost

COMPOSED COMPOST was a group exhibition, scheduled in the weekend of March 18 up to and including 20, 2005. Three days put up as a cold threshold before the door of spring. In the prospect of alleviation, bloom and hope, we directed our thoughts inwards for a moment. 'Transitoriness' was the theme of this brief exhibition.


VANITASSEN and sourdough bread of visual artist Jos van der Meulen in the living room

On Friday- and Sunday evening a short introductory course in microbial art climatology by Wim van Egmond, curator of the famous Micropolitan Museum

ORGANIC CABINET an installation of visual artists Harriët van Reek and Geerten Ten Bosch in the bedroom. Vanreekentenbosch treated visitors on Friday- and Sunday evening

In the Free Shed an exhibition of drawings by: Anuli Croon, Noëlle Cuppens, Ron van der Ende, Marianne Fontein, Annelies de Greef, Joannes Hoes, Lidy Jacobs, Maarten Janssen, Harriët van Reek, Agnes Roothaan, Geerten Ten Bosch, Machiel van Soest & Michel Wieggers


Arnold Schalks, de Vrije Schuur, Composed Compost

Transitoriness was the material and thematic starting point for the images to be drawn. The brief period of exposure and the prospect of the decomposition process challenged the participants to approach the commission in a sketchy way. The ink was prepared by the artists themselves: they all received a package, containing the ingredients and a recipe for the production of iron gall ink.

MAGGOT BAG, a performance by singer Cora Schmeiser and theatergroup Hotel Modern (Pauline Kalker and Herman Helle) on the garden terrace.

An exclusive finissage in and around the compost bin

COMPOSED COMPOST opened on Friday evening March 18, 2005, 19.00 h, and could further be visited on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20 from 14 - 20 h. 162 persons visited the exhibition.



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