The first activity of artspace the Vrije Schuur is entitled: 'VS'. Selfevident because these letters are the initials of the art space. But this combination of consonants also reaches beyond the national borders of imagination (in dutch, 'VS' also stands for Verenigde Staten = United States). Thirty artists have interpreted and reproduced this pair of consonants in their own way. VS has become a group exhibition that serves as a sample of the future Vrije Schuur program.

The exclusive opening took place on Friday, November 5, 2004, from 19.00 h on. The exhibition was open to the public on Saturday, November 6 and Sunday, November 7, from 12 - 18 h. A total of 118 persons paid the 'VS' a visit.


Arnold Schalks, de Vrije Schuur, VS


exhibition guide

12 pages / A5 size

edition: 120 copies


Click here to download 'SCHUURPAPIER #1' in pdf format / File size: 5,9 MB / © 2004, Rotterdam, Arnold Schalks.