SPEECHWATER (a proof of fluent Dutch)

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CONTEXT: The year 2003 marks the Year of Water. To affirm the incontrovertible link the city has with water, a programme of events is being organised entitled Waterlife Rotterdam. Starting on 20 March, just two days before World Water Day, up until the World Port Festival in early September, Rotterdam will focus on water. The relationship Rotterdam has with water is predominantly defined by the port. Even though the port area has shifted further away from the city's centre, it nevertheless belongs to Rotterdam and is a quintessential constituent of the city. This is the very reason that part of Waterlife Rotterdam will take place in the port, on the QI ART ISLAND, Quarantaineweg 1, Rotterdam-Heijplaat.

SPEECHWATER is a sound installation made by pupils of elementary school 'de Klaver-Heijplaat' for QI-ART ISLAND under the supervision of visual artist Arnold Schalks and teacher Chantal Kleijnendorst. On July 5, 2003, Lionel Martijn, the local president of the city council, officially opened the exhibition by reading his splattering protocol with his mouth (too) full of water. SPEECHWATER can be discerned on QI-ART ISLAND with the ear and the eye until August 31, 2003. The exhibition is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

INFORMATION SPEECHWATER CD: CD-R in jewel case, time: 14:08 min. / Booklet: 12 x 11,9 cm. - cover: colour print, 2 colour images, 2 black and white images, 8 pages, stapled.

EDITION: 50 copies.