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Audio-Kassette mit Musik vom Rotterdamer Band 'Goose Shake Loose', mit: Paul Henning (Stimme / Baßgitarre), Maarten Janssen (Gitarre) und Arnold Schalks (Schlagzeug). Am 25. November 1992 in Via Ritmo (das heutige Waterfront) in Rotterdam aufgenommen.


Arnold Schalks, 1992, goose shake loose, muziek, band, Paul Henning, Maarten Janssen, Via Ritmo, Rotterdam



Arnold Schalks, 1992, goose shake loose, muziek, band, Paul Henning, Maarten Janssen, Via Ritmo, Rotterdam


Paul Henning: Stimme/Bassgitarre

Maarten Janssen: Gitarre

Arnold Schalks: Schlagzeug


ALL IS THIN (Text: Paul Henning)


I'm not past.. I worry now

I've not passed.. I worry now

She's not.. she's an accusation now

She's not.. but an accusation now

I could not I could not I could not I


She stepped into this rotten rotation now

She stepped into this rotten rotation now

She cried her moving to my ears

As if she wants to.. but she cannot

She wants to.. but she cannot.. she cannot WAKE UP!


There's no road

There's no room

There's no maze

But a thousand things to bloom

A thousand things to bloom

She is so thin on the bed

She is so thin on the bed

Hold the sandrope she called

Hold the hatchet she cried


All is thin

All is thin

It's dead when you can

It's dead when you can WAKE UP!


All is thin



THE BEDS (Text: Paul Henning)


How lived a face.. I told a well,
That nose was black into a hole,
It dripped life on me down,
That mouth healed up.. its room was found,
That eye's on a knife.. hey look, this is a small world..


Look, I am attained,
The sounds I make they reach a hole,
Oh don't go, don't go, don't go,
Look, this hand 's in pain,
This hand is in a painful sleight,
I cannot come to worm with winged,


This is the best warden, yeah


The bed came out,
I was rising way down,
Some accidents rose the way I rose,
You are just one your body found,
It's dangerous to be out one,
Be in this movement son, you're my only one,
I flee now, hopefully now.


Oh, what sound?!



THE FUNNEL (Text: Paul Henning)


See the sun it's still rising
Shut the In-.. shut the In-Flower-Room of her rising
She still come out.. come out of the wall and lamps,
The will that gathered her still scatterings.. up,
Tell! O Tell! They point like silver stars into my hell,
Simple as a bullet, simple as a tow,


May you Turn,
May the ground Turn up Turn,
Like I met All in Turn,
Like I met all in Turned-up Turn,
Roll your body, Roll + Turn,
Down into the Love-Pit,
Down, down into the Nail-Roam,
Seems fucking's the only way in this pot,
And the moon's a turning mob,
And the ban is still...


Murk-brown water let's turn,
There's a ravel night I come on lean,
No bird outside, no bird outside,
Hi-hi-hi-hide it,
There was nothing that I couldn't righten,
There was nothing but I put it right ,
Ri-hi-hi-hight it,
I was an infamy at you.. right,
I was a big man at Jewel.. yes lover,
I stood by the wall.. and the wall gave its tremble,

Crept the sun.. you better come,
It turned above our head, right above our heads now,
Don't you cry,
That hellhole obscene curve-curled in my place in the Brier,
Like I met the muckfly and it's on you,
True prophecy that's right
That I roll your waste tonight,
The stars in her lap now they grow back to grow black,
The stars in her orgasm.. wavering!
My gruel must me read,
My gruel must be read-y
Down into the burnfire and I know
Tumbled like mire, Like a martyre,
I tumbled down to go creeping.. I know!


May you turn
May Return
May you Turned-up Turn
May you Turned-on Turn
May you turn, don't turn
Roll your body now
Rolling and Turn Rolling in Turns


Over the Cold but I'm summoned to End-Perish under the
End-Perish under the end and perish under the Still

(Am 25. November 1992 in Via Ritmo in Rotterdam aufgenommen)