The selection- and writingprocess generated messages of all kinds. Some participants took the opportunity to dream away and articulate a wish, others took the liberty to give air to a feeling of emerging love. Futhermore the workshop produced several commandments, poems and puns. Here is a sample of the collection of lightweight messages that flew high on balloons on July 24, at 15:45 h:



Arnold Schalks, 2001, Prosa Aviapostaja, taalworkshop voor kinderen van 8-16 jaar, featherlight tidings, language workshop for children from 8-16 years, federleichte Flugberichte, Sprachworkshop für Kinder von 8 - 16 Jahren, Klaus Sievers, Ludmila Savchenko, Ludmila Kotenewa, Picnic in the Park, Avtozavodski, Togliatti, Rusland,  Zomerkriebels 2001, summer itches 2001, Sommerkribbeln 2001, SKVR-Vrije Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam