the story of an unusual ferryservice "Reederei Schalks (Übersetzungen)"

Arnold Schalks, 1998, Communicating Vessels (communication, publications, services), exhibition and publication, Communicating Vessels (communicatie, publicaties, diensten), tentoonstelling en publicatie, Communicating Vessels (Kommunikation, Publikationen, Dienstleistungen), Ausstellung und Publikation, artist-in-residence project, Ron Rocco, Horace Twiford, Pepe Fernando, Harrison Maycroft, Eddie Squire, Jay Ottinger, Patrick Ausband, Francis Bowker, newsstand, St. George terminal, Staten Island Ferry, Sailor's Snug Harbor, Sea Level, North Carolina, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, New York, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, Consulate General for the Netherlands for North America, the Bremen Files

this publication features:

6 improved black and white images

complex, though comprehensible narrative structure



Communicating Vessels editions © 1998, Staten Island


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